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来源:https://www.zuixianya666.com/  日期:2023-10-09
Drunken Immortal Duck was actually listed as a tribute during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Only emperors could eat such delicacies, and it was not known that it was suitable for young eunuchs to spread to the people. Therefore, ordinary people could also taste Drunken Immortal Duck. After continuous development, Zuixian Duck has added over 20 types of medicinal herbs and adopted standard manufacturing techniques for processing and production. It is regularly soaked and pickled, and then processed using a dedicated frying furnace and high-pressure heating for cooking. The on-site operation produces Zuixian Duck with a more delicious taste and rich nutrition. Moreover, consumers still enjoy a delicious food item that allows them to eat for a long time without getting tired, which has sparked a wave of enthusiasm in the market and is a relatively popular food item.
The food produced by Drunken Immortal Duck is not only delicious, nutritious, and healthy, but also has therapeutic effects. For people with indigestion and poor spleen and stomach, it also has the benefits of aiding digestion, strengthening spleen and appetite, strengthening muscles and bones, and for female friends, it also has the benefits of beauty and beauty, which is highly popular in the market. Moreover, this food project has a small and manageable selection of smart options, greatly reducing the number of smart options and providing a relatively new and reliable entrepreneurial opportunity for smart merchants, allowing them to quickly realize their dream of becoming rich.
Drunken immortal duck does not differentiate between soft fried and hard fried. This difference is only because many so-called ducks produced by the alliance of Drunken immortal duck have soft and hard fried. Therefore, today we will distinguish between soft fried and hard fried Drunken immortal duck.
Soft fried Drunken Duck is not considered an authentic Drunken Duck. Many Drunken Duck teaching institutions teach that one thing that looks similar is to first simmer the duck with ingredients and then fry it in high-pressure oil.
The method of soft fried duck should be:
1. Slap both sides of the duck meat loosely with the back of the knife, cut into rolling knife pieces, and marinate with salt, sugar, cooking wine, and monosodium glutamate for later use; Wet the egg with starch to make egg paste powder, and wrap the soaked meat in a thick paste.
2. Heat up the wok, pour oil and heat it up. Add meat pieces one by one and fry them until crispy. Remove the oil and serve on a plate. Serve with a small plate of pepper and salt.
Hard fried Drunken Immortal Duck:
Compared to soft fried Zuixian duck, authentic Zuixian duck is harder after being cooked, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and has a much better taste and taste. Drunken Xian Duck is not something that can be made by filling a pressure cooker with oil. In fact, mastering the heat is very important, as the production time and pressure control are all commercial level information. Many Drunken Immortal Ducks cannot grasp the essentials of teaching, and the methods taught are not very promising for producing Drunken Immortal Ducks.
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