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Where is the specialty of Drunken Immortal Duck franchise? This is not a problem. Because there are Drunken Immortal Duck franchises everywhere in the country. Some people may ask which province or region is more suitable for the taste of Zuixian Duck franchise? Based on statistics from recent decades, there is no longer a preference bias between the north and south. Almost a favorite snack from all over the country. Of course, there are not many people working in remote areas, which is related to logistics and transportation. The logistics and transportation costs in remote areas are relatively high, and the supply of white ducks may be affected by geographical location. There are not many people working in Xinjiang and Tibet, and we send one or two thousand kilograms of hay to Xinjiang and Tibet every week. But there are very few missing areas in the Ganzi region of Sichuan. I came to check on the map and found out that there are all mountains over there. Once again, it has been confirmed that as long as the transportation is convenient, there are audiences for Drunken Immortal Duck to join. I won't be able to clearly distinguish which ones I like better and which ones I don't.
The franchise of Drunken Immortal Duck is not a unique feature of a certain place. Drunken Xian Duck franchise is popular across the country due to its unique fragrance, popular queuing scenes, and its attractive taste. Its explosive queuing scene once again proves its popularity. Harbin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, and Shandong in the north are all provinces with high sales of Drunken Duck franchise. Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangdong, and Guangxi in the south are also regions where we have a large shipment volume. The shipments to Henan, Hubei, and Anhui in the central region are all very large. There is a region that, although not large, accounts for a relatively large proportion of sales in this market, which is the Chongqing market.
Drunken Xian Duck is a special production process that uses a high-temperature and high-pressure fryer to stew, fry, and marinate the duck. When making it, there is a very tempting fragrance floating out. Our students usually make Drunken Immortal Duck franchises that can fragrance up to three to five hundred meters, and if they continue to make it, it is a kilometer away. The customers at the door are attracted by the fragrance. Of course, the practice of joining the Drunken Immortal Duck franchise is not that simple. There are countless people who want to make money from the product, but in the end, they lose both their wives and soldiers. All those who have high ambitions but low skills will lose the bottom. Of course, many people have made a lot of money by joining the Drunken Immortal Duck franchise. Every year, many students in our roasted duck system come to Beijing with local specialties to thank us and teach them a profitable business. Among our students, there are many who buy a car or a house with full payment within a year.
Drunken Immortal Duck joining this technology and craft, don't underestimate it, don't make it arbitrarily, don't just open a store by yourself, this is not feasible, there are many tricks inside. You must remember that money is hard to make, but joining the Drunken Immortal Duck franchise is really hot and profitable. However, there are still so many poor people in China who have not crossed the well-off society. If you can make money by joining the Drunken Immortal Duck franchise, why are there so many poor people? If you can make money by just playing around, then it's really unreasonable. It has many doorways inside.
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