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  Many people don't like meat at all. It's understandable that they love delicious food. But in summer, eating meat will have symptoms such as burning and indigestion. What should we do? Then, what kind of meat is healthy on a dog day? Below, it's recommended that you can eat duck meat, but not on a dog day.


  The traditional Chinese medicine believes that duck meat tastes sweet, cold and cold, which can nourish the deficiency, disinfect the heat and benefit the waterways. That is to say, duck meat has the functions of tonifying deficiency, nourishing yin and clearing heat, and promoting urination. It can treat the diseases of deficiency damage, yin deficiency and internal heat and edema. In the hot summer, many people are dry and hot. Eating duck meat that can nourish yin and clear away heat is indeed a seasonal regimen.


  Salted Duck Egg


  Meng Shen's "diet herbal medicine" in the Tang Dynasty believed that: duck eggs, children's food, feet soft, love pour, salt flooded food, that is pleasant. It means that when children eat duck eggs, they can't walk with soft feet and fall down easily. If they eat them after salting, there will be no such malady. So that's why we usually eat salted duck eggs.


  Old duck soup



  Ducks can lay eggs when they grow to 4-6 months, and those over one year can be called old ducks. Li Shizhen mentioned in compendium of materia medica: the young are poisonous, the old are good. So when stewing the soup, you should select the old duck for more than one year, cut it into pieces after slaughter, soak it in cold water for one hour, then put it into the pot in cold water, boil it for three minutes, remove the blood and fishy smell, then add enough water into the casserole, add onion, ginger slices, cooking wine, stew for three hours in low heat, put salt and pepper half an hour before starting the pot, cut white radish or winter melon, or add it according to your preference Vermicelli, edible fungus, lotus seed and other ingredients.


  Old duck soup fully reflects the characteristics of duck meat, which is light, not greasy and not nourishing. It is indeed a seasonal health food worth recommending in the dog days.


  If you have Yin deficiency constitution, such symptoms as fever of hands and feet, hot and night sweats, dry mouth, dry hair, irritability, etc., duck soup is more suitable for you. Ordinary people who are prone to dry cough, less phlegm and dry throat are also suitable for duck soup. Patients with edema and poor urination need to consult a doctor. If there is no taboo, they can also properly eat duck soup to facilitate water and reduce swelling and facilitate urination.


  Roasted Duck


  Roast duck is well-known at home and abroad. It is made of jujube, pear, apple and other fruit wood by charcoal fire. It is red and bright in color, fat but not greasy. It is tender inside and outside, especially the fragrance of fruit wood.


  So why should ducks be roasted with fire? This is because the duck meat is cold, the spleen and stomach are cold, and people who eat cold food like abdominal pain and diarrhea should not eat it. However, after being roasted with charcoal fire, the cold of ducks is greatly reduced and becomes a good meal for the public.