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Zuixian duck is made of dozens of carefully selected materials of traditional Chinese medicine, scientific formula, regular curing, low temperature and high pressure. It's fragrant, fragrant, bright and delicious, crispy outside and tender inside, crispy and refreshing. It has digestion, spleen and appetizer after eating. Strong muscle and bone, beauty and beauty, anti-aging effect.


Zuixian duck can be divided into three parts: selecting duck, washing duck, changing knife, cooking material and so on. The steps of making Zuixian duck include thawing, knife changing, cooking, salting, cleaning, drying, serving and leaving the pot. The next day, you can fry the salted duck by washing it, but you can learn a lot by selecting materials. Each material is good or bad. If you don't know the flavor, you can't make it with the formula. Tea oil is a kind of oil with monounsaturated fatty acid as the main component and rich in many vitamins. It can reduce the blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar in the human body and prevent the occurrence of "rich diseases" such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and heart disease. Tea oil also contains a physiological active ingredient, squash thin, which has a fragrance. Duck: the "immortal bird" in the "Materia Medica" is called the first of 100 birds, and the word "duck" for short is composed of the words "a" and "bird", which is called the first-class bird. It can clear away heat and detoxification, tonify kidney and Yang, replenish deficiency and Qi, dispel wind and nourish lung. "Tea oil duck" is a kind of natural healthy delicacy with orange color and delicious taste. Zuixian duck is famous for its fragrance, popular for its fragrance and popular in the market. Zuixian duck not only smells fragrant, but also tastes fragrant. Because the formula contains more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, it has certain nutritional and health care value, which is a good choice for consumption and entrepreneurship.


Zuixian duck machine adopts the traditional Beijing style duck frying stove, which is made by high-temperature frying to achieve the ideal effect of crispy skin, tender meat, fragrant mouth and crispy bone.



Operation points of zuixianya machine:


(1) To match the applicable three-phase electricity. Zuixianya machine generally uses three-phase electricity. For ordinary household electricity, it can not meet the needs. You can ask an electrician to help with the transformation. The general cost is less than 100 yuan to achieve the goal. For the gas electric dual-purpose machine, the gas is connected with liquefied gas, and the requirements for re selection are as above.


(2) When frying ducks, you should put your body first and put the duck neck and the above parts outside. The purpose of this is that the duck neck is easier to ripen than the abdomen. If it is put in the oil pan together, it will cause the part to be burnt black, which is not conducive to the display of the overall aesthetic feeling.


(3) When the oil temperature meets the requirements, it can be continuously fried, and the oil in the oil tank will continue to rise. Fill up the oil frequently to keep the oil in the oil tank of zuixianya furnace from overflowing.


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